The Steadings

Placemaking and community will be the foundations of life at The Steadings, helping to deliver high quality and sensitively designed spaces that provide an attractive, welcoming and healthy environment for everybody.

The Steadings will create a new community welcoming those at all stages of life. The housing provided includes housing for the elderly, affordable homes and private market houses.

The Steadings will be an inclusive space, prioritising community health and wellbeing with dedicated space for a new healthcare centre to support the community.

The traditional and Grade II listed farm buildings in the middle of the site will set the character of this area, and their refurbishment will act as the focal point of The Steadings.

The new state of the art three-form entry primary school can also be found at the local centre, complementing its offering and set comfortably facing across the square. This central square will be directly off the primary access road, with walking and cycling connections making it easily accessible to all residents.

The Steadings will prioritise community, health and wellbeing.

Core functions

  • Management and maintenance of public open space.
  • Financial management and investment of its assets.
  • Providing and managing of its facilities and services.
  • Promoting community development and integration.
  • The Trust will collect an annual levy from residents and businesses on the site.
  • Bathurst Development Limited will provide upfront payments or endow the Trust with assets to ensure it is financially viable during the early years of the development before a critical mass of dwellings is on site and paying into the fund.

Wider community benefits

  • The Steadings will deliver a number of offsite highways improvements which will improve flows in and around Cirencester. These have been based on the results of extensive traffic modelling and agreed with a number of statutory bodies including Gloucestershire County Council.
  • The Steadings will encourage people out of their cars and provide funding for many walking and cycling improvements, between the site and the town centre and other key local destinations. This includes the provision of dedicated controlled at‑grade pedestrian/cycling facilities across the Ring Road, which will benefit all those travelling around the town on foot or bicycle.
  • Tactile paving, dropped kerbs and widening existing facilities within the network will be introduced where possible.
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