The Steadings

The Steadings will be a complementary, well-integrated, sustainable new community with Bathurst Development Limited taking a lead role as the Master Developer.

Placemaking and community will be the foundations of life at The Steadings, helping to deliver high quality and sensitively designed spaces that provide an attractive, welcoming and healthy environment for everybody to enjoy.

The Steadings will comprise:
2,350 new homes; employment land to suit every business; a three-form entry primary school; a neighbourhood centre; indoor sports hall; football pitches and tennis courts; a health centre; local retail; restaurants and cafés – focused around the existing Grade II listed farmhouse and its outbuildings situated at the very heart of the community.

One of the most distinctive features of The Steadings will be its vast green open spaces and its network of footpaths and cycleways linking the character areas and making them easily accessible to all residents. Encouraging residents to make sustainable travel choices, a bus service will follow a route directly through the site with a number of bus stops located within the development.

An attractive new residential offering in the Cotswolds.

New homes.

The quality of the homes provided will pay respect to the highly desirable Cotswolds location of The Steadings. The vision for The Steadings is that the housing provided here will be the backbone of a new neighbourhood for Cirencester that future generations will enjoy and be proud of.

The Steadings will offer a mix of dwelling types and tenures, including affordable housing, providing new opportunities for everyone be it young families, those in their later years, first time buyers or couples and individuals to put down roots.

Sustainability is at the heart of The Steadings ethos and a host of different services and facilities will be within easy walking distance of the new homes, encouraging residents out of their cars and onto the extensive network of footpaths and cycleways. Vehicle speed in the development will be kept low, so that streets and junctions will be useable and enjoyable public spaces, designed to ensure they are secure and safe spaces for all users.

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